An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Private applicator Class: Coming February 2023

Commercial Applicator study materials are available for check out at the Platte County Weed and Pest office!

The most important component of integrated pest management (IPM) is prevention. Through education efforts and landowner assistance programs, we are able to multiply many times over, our own capacity to prevent and reduce the impacts of invasive species in Platte County. BUT we cannot do it alone! We can all make a difference! You can help us to Stop Invasive Species in Your Tracks by learning how to PLAY CLEAN GO!

Protecting our natural resources takes everyone working together.

Please check back with us often to find out about new and upcoming educational events and programs offered through Platte County Weed and Pest, Wyoming Weed and Pest Council, and other counties throughout the state!

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