Applicator License Information

In order to purchase restricted use products from Platte County Weed and Pest, you MUST have an Applicator License as regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and provided by the the Wyoming Department of Agriculture!

Why do I need a License to apply pesticides?
The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, dictates that some products be sold on a restricted use basis. This means that in order for your to purchase and/or apply those products you must carry an applicator license.

There are two types of licenses available; a Private Applicator License and a Commercial Applicator license. Which one is better for you?

This is an example of a restricted use label:

There are several ways to acquire your Private Applicator License. Once a year we offer a training hosted by the University of Wyoming Extension Office.

You can also go to the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Website and complete their form and mail it back to them. You will need to use this study guide, or call the UWYOExtension office at 307.322.3667 to borrow a study manual.

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